As the new patch arises, there are some reminders in RF online that we need to remember. And I know most of you have problems in running RF online.

1. Account registration is now open!
2. New item mall items are not yet available for purchasing.
3. Remember your Fireguard password and/or secret answer. There will be no way for us to retrieve them for you. If you forget them, then there’s no way for you to play your account again.

For more information you can visit the RF online website

Q: I’ve always experience Crit Error
A: Some people said that in order to avoid critical error you should upgrade your Windows XP SP2 to Windows XP SP3 and also the .net framework to 3.5

Q: They said that it can’t support Video cards with pixel shader 2.0?
A: No, Your video card with PS 2.0 can still play RF online


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