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TikTok teams up with Smart for “The Greatest Gamer Philippines” show

TikTok introduced its first gaming competition, The Greatest Gamer Philippines.

This exciting reality show-style program will bring together 10 selected players in a villa for three weeks. Then, organizers offer them a unique opportunity to compete in real-world and gaming challenges and showcase their skills as professional gamers.

With the partnership of Smart, Smart Omega, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), Grab, and Samsung, TikTok aims to discover and celebrate ‘The Greatest Gamer’ in the country.

A Unique Fusion of Esports and Entertainment

The campaign also promises an immersive and engaging experience for participants and viewers alike. The selected contestants will participate in livestreams of mini-games, weekly tournament gameplays, and various online and offline challenges, providing a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to excel as a professional gamer.

TikTok is the perfect platform to merge gaming and culture, offering a glimpse into the contestants’ interactions with Creators, weekly interviews, personal stories, and program highlights. This behind-the-scenes content also allows TikTok users and Esports fans to witness firsthand the trials and triumphs of these rising talents in their pursuit of achieving their dreams.

The Greatest Gamer winner will not only gain incredible experiences with renowned content creators but will also receive a cash prize of Php250,000 and a contract with Smart Omega. This coveted opportunity allows them to join the MLBB roster and contribute to the thriving Esports community.

Powerful Partnerships for a Seamless Gaming Experience

The Greatest Gamer Philippines is powered by Smart, the official telco provider of the competition. Leveraging Smart’s recognition as the Philippines’ fastest and best mobile network, according to Ookla, TikTok ensures seamless gameplay and uninterrupted connections for all participants, gaming enthusiasts, and the wider community. Together, TikTok and Smart are ushering in a new era of interactive gaming experiences and unforgettable moments through The Greatest Gamer Philippines.

Opportunities for Fans and Aspiring Gamers

Smart Prepaid and TNT subscribers can also actively participate in the action and follow the journey of The Greatest Gamer Philippines aspirants on TikTok. By registering for the Power All and Saya All offers, subscribers gain daily access to TikTok and can stay up to date with the competition’s exciting developments.

For aspiring professional Esports gamers, the audition begins on May 24 and runs until June 14, 2023. Interested individuals can submit their audition videos on TikTok to join The Greatest Gamer Philippines.

Contestants must follow @thegreatestgamer and @smartcommunications on TikTok. They should also create an audition video introducing themselves and showcasing their MLBB skills using the official audition filter and hashtag #TheGreatestGamerPH. Upon posting, they must tag the official @thegreatestgamer and @smartcommunications TikTok accounts.

Ciara Alarcon
Ciara Alarcon
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