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Top 5 Apps for Nokia S40 phones

Apps. This is always the first thing that I think of whenever I buy a new phone. Without apps and games, our phones would be boring. Whether you’re using a smartphone or just a featurephone, eventually all of us wants to have apps or games to our phone. And thanks to the built-in store on the featurephones and smartphones, we can easily browse and download free or paid apps and games. One example of it is the Nokia Store for S40. Remember the Nokia Asha 302 that I reviewed a few weeks ago? Yeah, there’s a Nokia store inside that phone. So I downloaded some apps from the Nokia Store and here are the top 5 apps that I really like on the Nokia Store

5. GMA News – Can’t catch up with the news? Don’t worry, there’s a GMA News app on the S40. We always need to be updated on the latest news right? This app basically use the phone’s browser to check the GMA News’ website and check their latest news from the Latest news to Showbiz. Almost anything and everything that you want is there. Very informative. (Requires internet connection)
RATING: 3/5 (1 is the highest, 5 is the lowest)

4.iTyphoon – This season is when the storms usually take a visit here in the Philippines. Whenever you know there’s a storm in the Philippines, I’m pretty sure you’d want to know where will it go and how strong will the winds will be. It’s a useful app especially when you’re in the typhoon prone area. Oh and you can also list the things that you want to get during a typhoon. Yeah, a very useful app here for all of us.

RATING: 2.7/5 (1 is the highest, 5 is the lowest)

3. Coffee Craze – This game is almost similar to Diner dash but this one, you’ll have to serve your customers with coffee and bread. The controls isn’t that hard because I just have to use 1,2,3,4,5 and *. As you get further in the game, you’ll have more and more customers and you really need to memorize those servings and you gotta have some pretty fast hands. Well, it’s a really good customer serving management game. You might learn some things in this game. (Requires internet connection). Pardon me for the lack of picture, It’s very hard to take a picture on the game.
RATING: 2/5 (1 is the highest, 5 is the lowest)

2. Bomberman – If you are a 90s kid, you already know this game. When you’re bored or waiting for your next class, the best time waster that you have on your pocket is the games on your phone. Basically, the goal of the game is to place bombs on wherever you like and kill those balloon like enemies. After killing those enemies, you’ll have to find a way to exit the game by finding the stairs on those bricks. Pretty addicting. Oh and there are 2 modes in the game — the classic and supreme. Classic mode is the game similar to the Bomberman in the 90s while the Supreme mode is the new Bomberman with some pretty new features.
RATING: 1.6/5 (1 is the highest, 5 is the lowest)

1. MMDA – If you’re in the Metro Manila, you might want to avoid the traffic around the metro and look for another route. So here’s a very helpful app for you when you’re around the metro because you can know what’s the current situation on selected roads around the roads in the metro. Basically, there’s a road map on selected roads and you can easily check whether the road is congested or not. Pretty useful especially when you always travel around the metro. (Requires internet connection)
RATING: 1.5/5 (1 is the highest, 5 is the lowest)

So there you go! These are my top 5 favorite apps on the S40 Nokia phones. All of these apps can be downloaded for free at the Nokia store which is already installed inside your phones. So what are you waiting for? Check it out now on your S40 phones!

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