Remember the Xperia Play games list?. I pick the top 5 games. Some of the games are exclusive on the Xperia Play while the others are already present in the iOS and ported it to the Xperia Play. I don’t have a Xperia Play or even touch one but I can tell you some of the games which I think is very cool.

 1. Syphon Filter

Most of you might be familiar with this game, one of the best games I played in the PS one. I played this game way back when I was a kid. Yeah, it was an awesome game back then. Anyway, it’s still a great game. I hope they can port more games to the Xperia Play soon.

2.  Age Of Zombies

Age of Zombies is one of addicting and the best games that invaded the PSP Minis. It has invaded the iOS platform too but this time they’re invading the Xperia Play. Same fun. same game. different platform.

3. Battle Bears -1

Battle Bears is also available on the iOS and the Mac Appstore. This game is similar to Age of Zombies, but in here, you just shoot bears and kill all those bears before they hug you. Well, it’s really addicting. Try this one if you have a Mac, Xperia Play or iOS device.

4. Dungeon Defenders

Dungeon Defenders is powered by the Unreal Engine Technology and is one of popular games right now. The game is already awesome in the iOS and now it has been ported to the Xperia Play, the awesome mobile gaming device.

5. Backstab

Backstab  is game by Gameloft exclusively for the Xperia Play for 1 month. It is a game set in the 18th century Caribbean. It features a 3D graphics which I think is awesome.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play isn’t available yet in the archipelago but I will be grateful if they can send me a review unit hehe. Check out the specifications if you’re interested. They said that it will be available on Q2 2011.

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