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Two variants: Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S5 Prime?

The next Galaxy is coming. No, not a new galaxy outside the space but a new Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphone. It is expected but I didn’t expect that it would be launched earlier because the Samsung Galaxy S4 haven’t had its first birthday yet. Moving on! The Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be announce on Monday at Barcelona and it seems that there would be not one, but two Samsung Galaxy S5. According to the Samsung Galaxy S5 Spigen case listing at Amazon, there would be a Samsung Galaxy S5 and a Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime. The specifications are still unknown but it seems that the one is buttonless while the other one retains the home button. Well, all we can do right now is wait for more leaks or just stay tuned for more news at MWC 2014 that will happen in Barcelona.

Source: Amazon

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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