Everytime I go back from school the first thing I open is Spotify on my smartphone or tablet and my Bluetooth speaker. Yes, no wires, no hassle just my device and my Bluetooth speaker. And whenever I ran out of battery and there’s no socket beside me, I just bring out my TYLT TUNZ speaker and charge my device.

The TYLT TUNZ is one of the most stylish bluetooth speakers around and from the box itself, you’ll already notice the guys behind it really gave an effort and time for the design and construction of the TYLT TUNZ Speaker. Again, this bluetooth speaker is one of the best and most stylish that’s available in the market. So how did it became one of the most stylish speakers around? By adding a gleamingly interchangeable silicon bands in the box.

Not only the TYLT TUNZ speaker packs a pleasant design but it also packs a feature that you can’t find in most bluetooth speakers – NFC. The TYLT TUNZ has a USB charging cable inside, an AUX cable, a bag, and Silicone bands. The TYLT TUNZ’s texture feels like rubber while the front speaker grill has a textured design which is an eye candy.

At the top, there are 4 touch buttons however, unlike other buttons, these buttons do not click that’s why I find it hard if my clicks and taps are recognized by the TYLT TUNZ speaker. You could also connect your device to the speaker via NFC by just placing your device at the side of the speaker.

One of my gripes on this speaker is whenever I’m connected to this speaker via Bluetooth, the range wasn’t that good. I get disconnected most of the time whenever my device is more than 6 feet far from the TYLT TUNZ Speaker. However, the AUX wasn’t a problem. I always connect my TYLT TUNZ Speaker to my Braven 570.

The audio performance of the TYLT TUNZ was good, not great. The bass were superb on this one and I really love the boom of the TYLT TUNZ. The mids and its highs are also good too. The TYLT TUNZ can also be used to answer calls from your device however, I also notice the microphone doesn’t really perform well. The battery life of the TYLT TUNZ however was good. It was able to last up to a day of bluetooth use.

Overall, I really like the TYLT TUNZ Speaker’s design, construction and its superb bass. It’s one of the most stylish available in the market. If you’re looking for a bluetooth speaker that’s stylish and you want to maximize that NFC feature, you might want to look at the TYLT TUNZ speaker.


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