Viber is one of the best messaging app on smartphones. A lot of my friends are using this one instead of iMessage because Viber is available in almost all devices and it is very easy to use. One of the things that I loved about this is that I can do group messages, share my location and even send pictures. But the recent update of Viber is the most exciting one. Why? Because Viber won’t be just available on your smartphones and tablets but it will also be available on your desktops. Yes, you’re right. You could now send messages, pictures or whatever it is that you’re sending using a computer! The new features of Viber are very similar to iMessage. You could now have all your received and sent messages on your different devices. But the best thing that I like in Viber is that you’re now able to have a video calls on desktops. Want to get one? Check it out after the break.

There are a lot of new features in Viber aside from that. Viber will also allow video messages, last online status and have a new stickers. For Android users, they’ll now have a Holo interface. I really loved that interface. If you want to get one now for you desktops then head on to for your Viber for Windows or Mac. 


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