Do you want to catch the latest episode of your favorite US TV show but you’re stuck in traffic? Or you’re stuck in place where there’s no TV and cable? Well, thankfully, there’s a cloud-based NimbleTV that can stream live cable TV.  With NimbleTV, you could watch anywhere in the world across your devices.

Once you’ve created your account, NimbleTV can give you access to over 140 US channels like HBO, Showtime, ABC and ESPN however, NimbleTV is still exploring the Philippines and would love to hear customer feedback about their service. Another interesting thing that you could on NimbleTV is that you could record multiple shows and movies at once. Yep, NimbleTV has a build in HD-DVR.
NimbleTV works on almost any devices. It supports PCs, smartphones, tablets and TVs as long as you have a minimum connection speed of 0.54 mbps. If you’re on iOS, you must be on iOS5 and above. It is compatible with the latest web browsers such as Google, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer (9+) and Opera.

If you’re interested, you set up a free account and avail of a free trial by going to . But if you have a U.S. address, you can immediately sign up for the complete NimbleTV package. Check them out at and Twitter @NimbleTV


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