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Windows 9 screenshot leaked! New start menu?

Oh look! Is this the next version of Windows? We think so! These are the fresh leaked screenshots of what seems to be Windows 9 or codename ‘Threshold’. If you are using Windows 8 on a desktop without touchscreen, probably, you’re annoyed with the start screen tile but it looks like they’ve found a remedy in Windows 9! Just look at the start menu boys and girls, looks like the next version of Windows will be friendly to those who rely on keyboard and mouse again. Another screenshot also points out that the next version of Windows would have Metro apps that could be windowed or full screen Windows codename ‘Threshold’ or just Windows 9 is expected to arrive in our devices on Early 2015. Let’s hope that Windows 9 will not disappoint. Yes, I’m looking at you Satya Nadella.

Source: Myce
Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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