Android 9.0 Pie has been out for a while and one of the smartphones that you can get right now that runs on this latest version of Android is the ASUS Zenfone 5. The smartphone might be almost a year old now but we still get updates on the smartphone and recently, the Taiwanese company has released the Android 9.0 Pie update on the smartphone. So what can we expect from the smartphone? Check it out below.

Faster Zenfone 5

The ASUS Zenfone 5 is powered by a Snapdragon 636 chipset which is still capable until now. Well, we loved the performance of the Snapdragon 636 even until today and with the Android P update on the ASUS Zenfone 5, we noticed that navigating on the smartphone is smoother and it is a lot faster than before. While the benchmarks are the same on the smartphone but the ASUS Zenfone 5 is definitely faster after the update.

Better management

Another updated features for the ASUS Zenfone 5 is the better management of battery and display. With Android Pie, the smartphone now learns your battery usage and prioritizes everything for a better allocation of energy and you can notice that the ASUS Zenfone 5 has definitely improved on that segment while the adaptive brightness lets you have automatic brightness which is according to your usage. You might not notice the latter but it is definitely helpful.

A new way to navigate

Another thing that is really noticeable on the Android P update on the ASUS Zenfone 5 is the redesign navigation system. But of course, you could still use the classic navigation bar but if you want something new and if you found it more productive you can use the new navigation system in where you can swipe up to home button, swipe up to middle for the recent apps or just slide right to check out the whole apps and of course, there’s the back button.

Personally, I find it more convenient and also more productive to have this this kind of navigation system on the smartphone.

So there we go. Those are just some of the improvements that are made available for the ASUS Zenfone 5 Android P update. So if you want to update your ASUS Zenfone 5, head over to Settings>System>System update or you can manually update your ASUS Zenfone 5 by downloading the Android P update here —


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