Microsoft has finally released the next generation of their operating system, Windows 10. This operating system is expected to run on all devices whether that’s a laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, TV, or even a Raspberry Pi. And you know the best thing about Windows 10? It’s available for free in 190 countries if you’re running genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 device.

Some of the notable features of Windows 10 are Cortana, Microsoft Edge, Windows Phone companion app, Office mobile apps and Continuum. Apps are also expected to rise on Windows 10 because the apps that are working on desktops or laptops would also work on tablets and smartphones thanks to Continuum.
Starting today, Windows 10 for PCs and tablets are now available for free via Windows update so be sure to check out your devices if you’re eligible to upgrade. If you don’t know how to, you can ask many retail stores like Asianic, Silicon Valley, MemoXpress, PCWorx, Electroworld, Complink, Octagon, Villman and PC Express stores to upgrade your devices.


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