Xiaomi recently released a budget Redmi monitor, which gained popularity thanks to its specs and pricing. As of writing, Xiaomi currently offers a 34-inch 144Hz curved monitor specifically for gaming. Xiaomi is reportedly adding three 165Hz gaming monitors with different screen sizes.

Xiaomi’s upcoming gaming monitors will have three sizes: 24.5″, 27″ and 29.5″. The 24.5-inch 165Hz gaming monitor is expected to launch in September while the 27-inch monitor is supposed to be announced as early as July. Depending on the reception of the monitors, Xiaomi will release a 4K variants in 27-inch and 29.5-inch sizes. Aside from Gaming, Xiaomi is also set to launch a 27-inch non-gaming monitor as well as a 23.8-inch variant.

Xiaomi Gaming Monitor Philippines

Xiaomi’s monitors have very competitive pricing with features rivaling established monitor brands. Unfortunately, Xiaomi Philippines does not sell any of its monitors in the country. The only way to get a Mi monitor as of writing is to purchase from Lazada’s Global collection.


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