Samsung has just launched their newest tablets and one of them is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen. This tablet is created for creatives at heart as this one comes with the S Pen which is a tool that is being featured by their flagship smartphones series — Galaxy Note. So what do I think about the tablet? Check out our hands-on of the tablet below.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen features a compact and handy design as this one features an 8-inch display which is the perfect size for those people who are into tablets but doesn’t want a bulky one.

The tablet features a bezel that is just right for a tablet. Whether you hold the tablet in portrait or landscape mode, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen fits right in my hand and watching Netflix movies on the tablet doesn’t strain my hand as we got good ergonomics on this one and the bezel is perfect for holding the tablet in landscape mode.

When it comes to the display, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen isn’t as good as the Super AMOLED display but this one will be just fine for normal usage but if you’re expecting the same color of other Samsung smartphones with vivid colors on the display, well, the difference between the TFT and Super AMOLED is drastic but don’t worry, the viewing angles of this tablet will be just fine.

At the back of the tablet is a clean look with the Samsung logo and the single camera. There’s a rubber-like texture on the tablet which adds to the ergonomics and grip of the tablet. The tablet also features USB-C port which can be found below the tablet along with the speaker that performs louder than I expected.

On the right side of the tablet is where you can find the volume rocker and also the power button of the tablet and on the top is where you can find the 3.5mm headphone jack. Thankfully, they didn’t ditch that one.

When it comes to software, this one is running on Android 9.0 Pie with One UI that’s why the UI of the smartphone is similar to the one that we can find on the Samsung Galaxy Note devices. It’s fast and it’s user-friendly and the design and the icons of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen is easy on the eye.

The S Pen is really useful in some cases. You can use it for drawing as we got the Samsung notes app that fully utilizes the S Pen and then there’s the PENUP app in where you can create artworks on the tablet.

So there we go, that’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen (2019). The tablet might not be the most powerful out there but it will be just fine for watching movies and TV series on Netflix and it’s also perfect for those people who love to take notes and annotate on their files thanks to the S Pen.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen is now available for Php15,990.

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