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ASUS ROG Smartphone Coming Soon?

We got a chance to interview Mr. Jerry Shen, the CEO of ASUSTeK Computer Inc along with other ASUS executives last Sunday during the opening of the 100th store of ASUS in the country and we just got some juicy information from the ASUS executives regarding the devices that we will see in the future.

ASUS Android GO smartphone coming soon

ASUS has confirmed that there will be a Zenfone soon that will be running on Android Oreo (Go Edition). These smartphones running on Go Edition are installed with Google apps with a smaller footprint and lesser hardware requirements which means that the smartphone will be affordable and have low-tier specifications but they will still be able to have a faster loading time and more storage on the smartphone.

ASUS ROG Smartphone?

We asked the executives of ASUS regarding the possibility of an ASUS ROG smartphone since other smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi who has the Black Shark smartphone and Razer has the Razer phone that both catered to gamers. Well, they hinted that we might see a teaser of a gaming-centric smartphone this Computex 2018 at Taiwan.

It’s not surprising since the company has been making gaming peripherals and notebooks for years. But I hope that we can see a smartphone with gaming-centric features and also the ROG branding since gaming smartphones are on a rise right now.

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Jam Ancheta
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