Previously, only a few can afford a smartwatch, smart band or a fitness tracker due to its price but fast forward today, these devices now pack a lot of new features and importantly, they are more affordable. And today, we’ll check out the latest smart band from a Filipino company, the Cherry Mobile Flare Active.

Just like the Flare series of their smartphones, the Cherry Mobile Flare Active is jampacked with features but it sports a really affordable price. It isn’t their first foray into the smart band or smartwatch segment as they’ve done it before however, it wasn’t good as this one.

First of all, the Cherry Mobile Flare Active sports a rubber band. While it is comfortable to use and the band is pretty much fine with me, I believe that you can’t easily find a replacement for this one. However, the lower band can be removed which will reveal the USB of the device that will let you charge the Cherry Mobile Flare Active.

Here’s the interesting part of the Cherry Mobile Flare Active – the display. I was actually surprised when I found out that the Cherry Mobile Flare Active sports a colored display and below it is a small capacitive button that is mainly and the only navigation button for the device. While the display is small, the size of it is already enough to show you the details and the data that you need on the smart band.

Navigating on this one is a little bit of pain for me as there’s no touchscreen and the only way to navigate through the watch is either holding the button for ok or just a tap to the button for next panel. The smartwatch shows you different functions that were being tracked including steps, distance, calories, heart rate, stopwatch, text messages, find your phone, and sleep, tracker.

You can also customize the Cherry Mobile Flare Active with its two dials that are available and surprisingly, both watch faces highlights your heart rate which is pretty cool and it also shows other information such as the date, steps, and battery.

This might be the best smartwatch that Cherry Mobile has ever released, I still find the lack of notifications disappointing. You can activate the notifications for the text messages, Facebook, Twitter, and other messaging applications but other applications aren’t able to get notifications for the Flare Active.

The Cherry Mobile Flare Active is connected to your smartphone through the Wearfit app which is available on the Google Play Store for a while now and in our usage, the app was just fine and it didn’t crash most of the time.

The Wearfit app will show you the readings of your steps, sleep, heart rate, and fatigue. I actually didn’t expect that the Cherry Mobile Flare Active’s tracking on all of these readings are active as we compare it to our MiBand 3 and also with Fitbit. The app can also connect to your Google Fit so you can consolidate all of your fitness apps and readings to Google Fit.

One thing that I didn’t like about the app and the device itself is whenever I turn off or restart my device, I still have to manually connect the app to the Cherry Mobile Flare Active.

But the best thing about the Cherry Mobile Flare Active is its battery. Yep, the Cherry Mobile Flare Active smartwatch was able to last up to a week of usage and charging of the device just takes an hour or less which is pretty awesome.

The Cherry Mobile Flare Active is a smartwatch and a fitness tracker for the people who are on the budget. The readings of it were accurate and really good. So if you want to track your daily activities and you don’t want to spend a lot of cash on this, you can get the Cherry Mobile Flare Active now.


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