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Cherry Mobile smartphone with 5G spotted at the Google Play Console

A 5G Cherry Mobile smartphone has been spotted at Google Play Console and it shows that the smartphone would have a Spreadtrum processor inside which is uncommon to most 5G smartphones that are available in the market right now. Appearing in Google Play Console does not mean that the smartphone would be out to the public but they’re definitely testing out the smartphone right now.

The Cherry Mobile smartphone that is being tested has a model number X1090 and it shows that the smartphone features a Spreadtrum T7510 processor which supports 5G. It comes with 4x 2.0GHz ARM Cortex-A75 and 4x 2.0-GHz ARM Cortex-A55 inside. The GPU of the processor is a PowerVR GM9446 which is used by the Helio P90 processors.

For the RAM, the smartphone comes with 4GB of RAM and it is packing an HD Display with 1600×720 resolution with 320 DPI which means that the smartphone features a 6.5″ display.

Basing on the specs, the smartphone is probably based on the Hisense F50. The details are still scarce but they’re currently testing this smartphone and there’s no assurance that the smartphone will be released to the market.

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Jam Ancheta
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