Two new products has been unveiled by Cherry and these are the Digital Air Fryer which is getting the craze lately and then there’s the Clothes Dryer with Ionizer. With the Digital Air Fryer, you can have a healthier way to cook with up to 80% less fat that comes with different presets for different recipes and of course, there’s the Clothes Dryer with ionizer that helps you keep your clothes cleaner and also dry.

Cherry Digital Air Fryer

If you want an Air Fryer for your home then you might want to consider this one as the Cherry Digital Air Fryer lets you cook up to 80% less fat with its different presets. Not only that because this one also comes with Digital Easy Touch panel with digital thermostat temperature, timer and of course, a non-stick coating food basket. The best part about this one is it comes with a large capacity of 4.5L which allows you to serve more servings of your dishes. The Cherry Digital Air Fryer retails for Php3,990.

Cherry Clothes Dryer with Ionizer

This is the best appliance that you need if you’re living in a condominium. The Cherry Clothes Dryer with Ionizer lets you fast-dry your clothes with its 360-degrees heat circulation. Not only that, you can also get a sterile and clean clothes with its Ionizer that comes equipped with 5 million/cm3 negative ions.

This one is also portable as you can move it conveniently with its wheels and even fold it if you’re not using it. The Cherry Clothes Dryer with ionizer comes with a price of Php3,500.


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