Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, Samsung is still going strong with their recent announcement of their latest products including the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra. Just like last year, we’re getting two variants of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 and the Galaxy Note20 Ultra and of course, we’re gonna focus first on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

A better and more premium design

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ that we’ve reviewed before was already good and the Galaxy Note20 Ultra? It’s even better. The one that we got comes in black and I love the mirror effect at the back fo the smartphone and the more ergonomic design of the smartphone despite being pretty large thanks to its curve back of the smartphone and also on the display of the smartphone.  But of course, both sides is still made up of glass.

There’s no bixby button in here but we got here the power button and also the volume button on the right side of the smartphone which is pretty accessible. Aside from that, the S-Pen slot has been moved from the right to the left side of the smartphone. It’s not really that annoying but if you’re used to the previous Galaxy Note devices, you’ll be annoyed that the slot has been moved to the other side.

At the back is a little bit annoying though as we got here a large camera module and it’s quite thick but it is still aesthetically pleasing to the eye but you’ll get annoyed with it once place it on a flat surface since it’s thick. But of course, the bigger the camera module, the more features you can fit into the camera of the smartphone.

It’s the best display out there

One of the things that I love on the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is the display and again, it’s the best display on the smartphone that I’ve seen. We’re getting here a 6.9-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x display with a WQHD+ resolution but that’s not the best part because the smartphone comes with a 120Hz refresh rate with a punch-hole selfie camera and also a curved display. The bezels on this one is almost non-existent because of the curve. The smartphone is really bright too as this comes with a 1500nits display.

Feels like writing on a pen

As expected the, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra gives an upgrade on the S-Pen and this time, it has a better latency which means that writing on the display of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra will be more responsive and smoother and feels like writing on real life paper. And of course, this one will also come with new air gestures which will take advantage of the accelerometers and the gyroscope of the S-Pen.

Ultra phone, Ultra camera

Like what I’ve said earlier, there’s a larger camera module on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra which means that we can get more features on the smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra now features a 108MP wide-angle camera along with a 12MP ultra wide camera and also a 12MP telephoto camera and lastly, there’s the laser AF sensor while for the selfies, there’s the 10MP selfie camera.

As expected, the camera now supports 8K recording at 24fps which is one of the best in the industry and you can even go for 21:9 aspect ratio. Aside from that, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is now capable of zooming up to 50x which is I think is more ideal since the 100x space zoom of the   Unfortunately, we cannot show you the sample shots as we got the engineering unit of the smartphone.


The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is an amazing smartphone. It has refined more features that was present on the previous generation and they’ve also added some including the 120Hz display which is really smooth and also the camera at the back that is now capable of zooming up to 50x.

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is now available for pre-order that starts at PHp67,990.


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