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7 ways AI can help parents teach kids responsible online behavior

As children today navigate the digital landscape, parents face the challenge of ensuring their kids become responsible digital citizens. Fortunately, technology and artificial intelligence (AI) offer invaluable tools to help parents safeguard their children’s online and real-life safety.

Here are seven ways tech and AI can assist parents in raising digitally responsible kids, making parenting a little easier.

1. Maximizing Generative AI for Engaging Learning

Teaching kids about internet safety can be more interesting and interactive with the help of generative AI. Google’s conversational chatbot, Bard, can provide a plethora of fun and creative ideas to make learning about internet safety enjoyable. From book recommendations and interactive online games to conversation starters and additional tips, Bard offers endless suggestions to engage children in the topic.

2. Monitoring and Limiting Online Interactions

Tech tools empower parents to protect their kids from potential risks by monitoring and filtering content based on their age. Google’s Family Link allows parents to track and control online activity, including text messaging and social media, while TikTok’s Digital Wellbeing features enable remote management of a child’s TikTok account. Additionally, Circle Home Plus, a device and subscription service, allows parents to manage internet access, set time limits, and apply content filters across all devices in their home network.

3. Teaching Empathy Through Real-Life Scenarios

PLDT Home and Google’s Be Internet Awesome video series, featuring characters like Sam and his AI friend Robo-berto, present engaging adventures that teach kids how to be smart, alert, strong, kind, and brave online. These stories and songs impart valuable lessons on digital responsibility, such as the consequences of forwarding posts or engaging in cyberbullying. Through relatable situations, children learn to empathize and make responsible choices online.

4. Cultivating Critical Thinking Skills

AI can help raise critical thinkers by analyzing web content, identifying inappropriate websites and social media platforms, and detecting signs of cyberbullying. It can assist children in evaluating the credibility and authenticity of information they encounter online, fostering a healthy skepticism. With AI’s support, kids can navigate the digital landscape with discernment and recognize manipulated media.

5. Enhancing Location Tracking and Safety

AI-powered GPS and geolocation technologies provide parents with real-time updates on their children’s whereabouts. Wearable devices and smartphone apps equipped with AI algorithms enable geofencing capabilities and alert parents if their child ventures beyond predetermined safe zones. These tools offer peace of mind and enhance safety.

6. Strengthening Home Security

AI-enabled surveillance and security systems allow parents to monitor their homes remotely. Advanced cameras and algorithms analyze video feeds, detect unusual behavior, and send alerts for potential dangers, like an open door or unusual activity. These systems offer a layer of security and protection for the entire family.

7. Monitoring Health and Development

Wearable devices and smartphones equipped with AI technology enable the monitoring of vital signs and health parameters. Irregularities in sleep patterns, heart rate, and activity levels can be detected and alert parents to potential health issues. AI algorithms can also analyze behavior videos or recordings to provide insights into a child’s cognitive, motor, and social development. Scheduling apps powered by AI simplify managing school routines and homework, streamlining the family’s daily schedule.

PLDT Home is committed to keeping children safe online while providing access to information that supports their education, well-being, and growth. These efforts align with the PLDT Group’s commitment to achieving UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 16, which promotes just, peaceful, and inclusive societies and aims to end abuse, exploitation, trafficking, violence, and torture against children.

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Ciara Alarcon
Ciara Alarcon
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