Apple is taking the all-new iPad Pro to a whole new level as the company has just announced the brand new iPad Pro which will now come with the M1 chip which is the same chip that is being used by the new iMac, Macbook Air, and Macbook Pro.

Another improvement on the iPad Pro is the inclusion of 5G inside which is expected since the iPhone 12 series now comes with 5G. The display on the 12.9″ will be a lot better too as this one will come with Liquid Retina XDR display, the same display being used on the Apple XDR Display.

Now that the M1 comes to the iPad Pro, we can get to experience the benefit of the M-series chips to the iPad Pro. This chip delivers 50% faster CPU performance than the A12Z and it will have a 40% faster performance in terms of GPU. This makes sure that the iPad Pro will have the power to edit videos and play games smoothly. Another benefit of the M1 chip on the iPad Pro is that the new iPad Pro now comes with support for Thunderbolt and USB 4 so this means that can connect devices that support Thunderbolt and even use the Pro Display XDR at full 6K resolution.

There’s the TrueDepth Camera system too on the iPad Pro with its 12MP ultra wide front camera. This means that the iPad’s front-facing camera will follow the user movements and you don’t have to move the iPad Pro when you’re in a video call to fit in the frame.

Other cool new features for the iPad Pro is the ISP and the Neural Engine on the M1 unlock more capabilities on the camera system of the iPad Pro and it will have a better camera system as it supports Smart HDR3, USP, and LiDAR scanner. The magic keyboard will also now come in white color.

Check out the price and variants of the iPad Pro:

iPad Pro 11″ WiFi Only

  • 128GB – Php45,990
  • 256GB – Php51,990
  • 512GB – Php63,990
  • 1TB – Php87,990
  • 2TB – Php111,990

iPad Pro 11″ WiFi +5G

  • 128GB – Php54,990
  • 256GB – Php60,990
  • 512GB – Php72,990
  • 1TB – Php96,990
  • 2TB – Php120,990

iPad Pro 12.9″ WiFi Only

  • 128GB – Php62,990
  • 256GB – Php68,990
  • 512GB – Php80,990
  • 1TB – Php104,990
  • 2TB – Php128,990

iPad Pro 12.9″ WiFi +5G

  • 128GB – Php71,990
  • 256GB – Php77,990
  • 512GB – Php89,990
  • 1TB – Php113,990
  • 2TB – Php137,990


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