vivo Philippines has recently released the vivo V23 5G to the Philippine market and it brings a lot of things to the table including new features for the camera of the smartphone and also a new design at the back that changes its colors. In our review of the smartphone, we love how the smartphone performed in terms of the camera and today, we’ll discuss the things on why we like the smartphone for content creators and vloggers.

Sleek and sexy design

One of the things that people can notice on the smartphone is its design. First, it comes in a stylish and sleek design. There’s the metal sides as well that adds to the premium and solid feel of the smartphone. And then there’s the glass back that changes its colors thanks to the Photochromic design technology of the smartphone, a feature that we haven’t seen on smartphones.

Powerful front camera

For the front-facing camera of the smartphone, it’s a powerful one as the vivo V23 5G features a 50MP dual front camera along with an 8MP camera. This gives you an advantage when taking selfies on the smartphone because not only do you have a front-facing camera that is way ahead compared to other smartphones but this also gives you an ultra wide-angle front camera as well which is great for taking wider photos and videos.

The Dual front-facing flash is another feature that is unique to this smartphone and it gives me better portraits shots even at night and even when I’m shooting selfie videos at low light conditions. This gives me flexibility when shooting on the smartphone.

Great rear camera

The vivo V23 5G comes with a triple lens rear camera setup with a 64MP main camera, an 8MP ultra wide-angle camera, and also a 2MP macro camera. Despite their focus on the selfie camera of the smartphone, they still did a pretty good job on the rear camera of the smartphone as we got amazing shots that are sharp and the night shots were incredible on the smartphone.

Advance camera features

Aside from the camera hardware that we have on the smartphone that performs really well, it is also combined with the camera software with a lot of features. It can shoot portrait shots in different styles and filters, take 4K videos at up to 60fps, and different shooting modes such as pro, double exposure, dual view and more.

But another feature that I liked about it is that the vivo V23 5G’s AI as it improves the shots that I got on the smartphone whether that’s a portrait or a landscape shot

Decent power

Inside the smartphone is a Dimensity 920 chipset along with 12GB RAM that can go up to 16GB RAM thanks to the virtual RAM of the smartphone. Basically, that’s a lot of power for the smartphone. Not only that the smartphone gives an amazing gaming performance but it also gives us a better ISP as well.

Basically, the AI and the brains of the smartphone is inside the chipset. It helps in the processing of the smartphone on videos and photos and this is also responsible for shooting up to 4K 60fps on the smartphone.

All in all, the vivo V23 5G offers more than just performance and 5G inside. It also features a camera that is great and the design of the smartphone is another thing to praise. All of these features make the vivo V23 5G great for content creators and for vlogging.

The vivo V23 5G is now available in the Philippines for Php27,999


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