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Which is the Best OPPO F7 Smartphone for you: OPPO F7 vs. F7 Youth vs. F7 128GB

There are three variants of the OPPO F7 that are available in the Philippines and each OPPO F7 smartphone caters different set of users. The three OPPO F7 smartphones are the OPPO F7 Youth which is the most affordable of them all, the base model which is the OPPO F7 and the OPPO F7 128GB that packs a larger storage and also a bigger 6GB RAM. So which one is the right OPPO F7 smartphone for you? Well, check it out on our comparison below.


Both the OPPO F7 and the OPPO F7 128GB are both identical to each other however the OPPO F7 Youth features a different design as the more affordable version of the OPPO F7 doesn’t pack a notch. Yep, it’s just an 18:9 display aspect ratio which reminds me of the previous OPPO F5. But don’t worry all of them features a good display and the display aspect ratio difference isn’t really a problem.

The design of all the OPPO smartphones features a glass-like back. It looks premium and all of them are really light to the hand which is a plus for me. The smartphones are available in striking colors but my most favorite of them all is the diamond black one that has a diamond pattern at the back which is really pleasing to the eye.

Only the OPPO F7 and the OPPO F7 128GB features a fingerprint scanner at the back and like what I’ve said in my review, the fingerprint scanner of the smartphone is fast while the OPPO F7 Youth doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner. Yes, you can only rely on the face unlock on the OPPO F7 Youth.

Fortunately, despite the lack of the fingerprint scanner on the OPPO F7 Youth, all of the smartphones have a fast face unlock recognition. Actually, these smartphones are one of the fastest that I’ve tried on an Android smartphone.


The smartphones pack a surprising hardware inside as all of the OPPO F7 smartphones features an Helio P60 Processor inside. Yep. All of them. The OPPO F7 Youth and the OPPO F7 features a 4GB of RAM while the OPPO F7 128GB features a 6GB of RAM.

While some of you might say that there’s not much difference between the 4GB and the 6GB RAM, well, I’ve noticed that the transitions are smoother on the 6GB variant and the applications that are being loaded are faster on the more expensive variant. However, in Antutu, I’ve noticed that the smartphones have really near scores to each other.


Regarding the camera, the OPPO F7 and the OPPO F7 128GB does have the almost similar quality to each other while the OPPO F7 Youth has less attractive shots, it still does its job. Check out the shots that I took using the smartphone.

OPPO F7 Youth





You can check out our review of the OPPO F7 here:

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All of the OPPO F7 Series smartphones are great for its price. The best thing about them is that all of the smartphones features the same processor which means that if you’re only looking for a smartphone for gaming, then the OPPO F7 Youth will do just fine as the smartphone packs a 4GB of RAM and also a MediaTek Helio P60 processor inside but if you want a fine OPPO F7 experience with better camera and added fingerprint scanner security then get the base model but if you love storing videos or other media files and apps on your smartphone then the 128GB variant is the one for you.

The OPPO F7 series smartphones are now available at these prices:

OPPO F7 Youth – PHP13,990

OPPO F7 – Php17,990

OPPO F7 128GB – Php21,990

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