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Cherry Mobile Flare X2 Review

Cherry Mobile Flare X was a successful smartphone as it packs a powerful hardware at an affordable price. And recently, Cherry Mobile has launched the Flare X2, the follow-up of the very successful Cherry Mobile Flare X. And today, We’ll review the Cherry Mobile Flare X2.


A new design, far from the predecessor


The all-new Cherry Mobile Flare X2 runs away from the plastic build to a glass and metal which makes the smartphone feel more premium. Also, the Cherry Mobile Flare X2 feels very solid however I wished the smartphone had a more rounded sides to make the smartphone ergonomic.

The front of the smartphone looks amazingly clean as this sport an on-screen buttons and just like my dilemma with other Cherry Mobile smartphones, this one has a menu button instead of a recent tasks button which was annoying to use.

The Cherry Mobile Flare 5, S5, and S5 Plus might have a USB Type-C port with it but the Cherry Mobile Flare X2 still boast a Micro USB port and not just that because the Cherry Mobile Flare X2 also supports Quick Charge 2.0 so your smartphone can charge faster than most Cherry Mobile smartphones. But I wish it was Quick Charge 3.0 which is far better.


A good display


The Cherry Mobile Flare X2 packs a full HD IPS display. It’s responsive and the display looks really whether you’re inside or outside. It’s not a perfect display but it does its job pretty well for its price. Oh and the color accuracy and viewing angles, they’re both fine but of course, it isn’t as good as the flagships that we have today.

But damn, that bezels really annoys me.


A Snapdragon processor with 4GB of RAM.

Just like their other Cherry Mobile smartphones, the Flare X doesn’t disappoint when it comes to speed in their OS. It’s free from skins and it’s packed with a clean launcher, however, I was disappointed when I received some ads randomly when I’m connected to the internet. I know, it really annoys me, especially that I have to close these pop-up ads on my smartphone.

Of course, the smartphone isn’t free from bloatware, it comes with some applications including Opera Mini, Xender, and some Cherry Apps. Also, the Cherry Mobile Flare X2 has on-screen buttons instead of capacitive buttons and what annoys me a bit is that the square button won’t be showing you recent apps, instead, it’s a menu button.

When it comes to performance department, the Cherry Mobile Flare X2 packs a Snapdragon 430 processor and 4GB of RAM. It doesn’t fail to impress me when it comes to performance as it can play heavy games although only at low-mid settings. But most games and apps would run well on this smartphone without problems. In Antutu, I got a score of 44410. Just what I expect from a hardware from this smartphone.


Camera is just fine for its price.


One of the features that I like in the Cherry Mobile Flare X2 is its camera. It might not be the best one but it does improve a lot compared to last year’s Flare X and also to other smartphones at its price range. The camera app is different compared to most smartphones especially those that are running on MediaTek processors. It does have a lot of features and it’s very user-friendly


One thing that I’ve noticed with its camera is that the camera is brighter and at dark conditions, the photos seems to not be washed out compared. At well-lit conditions, the Cherry Mobile Flare X2 were able to capture photos with almost the right colors and overall, it doesn’t disappoint for its price range. Check out the photos that I took using the smartphone.




The Cherry Mobile Flare X2 isn’t the perfect smartphone that we’re looking for but for its price, the smartphone is pretty good. You get a premium and solid design, a fine camera for its price, and a performance that won’t disappoint thanks to its Snapdragon processor and 4GB of RAM. Again, it isn’t perfect because it does have some flaws but despite that, I believe the Cherry Mobile Flare X2 is the best smartphone for its price range.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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    • Samsung Vs Flare X2 camera performance..
      outdoors winner samsung with a much acurrate color and much more brighter pics
      indoors not much light winner Flare X2 with a much brighter poc and not that washed out than samsung Galaxy S8


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