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How the vivo V27 5G help me in my everyday routine


The vivo V27 5G is the newest smartphone in town and it’s been making waves in the country thanks to its signature design and exceptional features including the Aura Portrait Algorithm of the smartphone, the Photochromic 2.0 feature with its sexy design with the hero Emerald Green color, and also the amazing camera of the smartphone including the Sony IMX 766V sensor.

Content Creation Machine


One of the reasons why you should pick the vivo V27 5G as your next device is because this one is made for content creation. First, there’s the Sony IMX766V sensor inside which is really competitive in its range. There’s a 50MP main camera along with 50MP Eye AF vlogging selfie camera. Both are great for taking photos and videos and for content creation. Some of the built-in features on the smartphone are really helpful including Film LUTS and Micro Vlog movie.

In this generation where a lot of us are using TikTok, it’s becoming essential to have a really good camera on a smartphone. The vivo V27 5G is excellent in that the smartphone is capable of shooting brighter and clear videos even in the dark. Features like the Steadiface also helps in focusing the video on me which is what I really need on TikTok.


Video editors are also essential these days on different platforms and thanks to the 4nm Dimensity 7200 chipset of the smartphone. The vivo V27 5G is capable of running different apps like Capcut and even editing your next videos on the TikTok app itself.

So if you’re planning to create content and edit that on the smartphone, the vivo V27 5G will be capable of that. 

Sexy and unique design

vivo V27 Philippines 2

The vivo V27 5G comes with Photochromic 2.0. This technology of the smartphone allows the smartphone’s color to shift subtly from Emerald Green to a darker shade under direct sunlight. This is a feature that we’ve seen before on vivo smartphones and it has become one of the identity of vivo V series smartphones. The smartphone is so sexy thanks to the 2.3mm thin frame of the smartphone which is the thinnest among all vivo smartphones).


The curves of the smartphone definitely helps in the ergonomics of the design and also adds sexiness to the smartphone.

Productivity device


As the first device that I hold in the morning, my daily routine starts with the vivo V27 5G. Opening different apps in the morning won’t be a problem as the 20GB Dynamic RAM of the smartphone is capable of handling different apps at the same time and since we have a 256GB memory inside, I won’t have any problems downloading and installing different apps and files that I need for the day. 

Lastly, the 6.78” Full HD+ AMOLED display of the smartphone means that you have a larger screen for your documents and media files. The display’s large size gives you a more comfortable and more functional usage.

Capable of playing the latest games


The vivo V27 5G is not just a productivity and content creation device but this one is also a great partner when taking a break. The 4nm MediaTek Dimensity 7200 processor of the smartphone is capable of playing the latest games including Genshin Impact and also Ragnarok Origin, the latest MMORPG in town.


Since the smartphone packs a 256GB of internal storage, I was able to install multiple games on the smartphones and even download some of the ROM that I love to play on emulators on the smartphone. I’ve also played Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, and Call of Duty Mobile on the smartphone and it was smooth and playable on the smartphone.

There are also features that I love on the smartphone including Game Boost Mode and 4D vibration and they improve the performance and also brings a more immersive experience on the smartphone. 

All-day battery

vivo V27 Philippines specs

The vivo V27 5G comes with a 4600mAh battery inside and it’s more than enough for everyday usage. The smartphone was able to get 17 hours and 19 minutes in PC Mark Work 2.0 battery test which is pretty long for the hardware we have on the smartphone.

There’s a 66W Charging as well which gives me up to 50% charge in just less than 20 minutes on the smartphone. So the battery and charging was really fast and didn’t really interrupt my day.



The vivo V27 5G has everything you need in a smartphone, making it perfect for content creation and everyday use. The vivo V27 5G and V27e series offer a range of options for different budgets. So if you want an all around smartphone then you might want to consider the vivo V27 5G.

The vivo V27 5G is now available for Php24,999 while the V27e is available for Php16,999. If you want to know more about the vivo V27e, head over to:

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