A game-changing device from Humane is here and it’s called the AI Pin. It’s a wearable device similar to how a body-worn camera by police officers are being worn and it can do a lot thanks to AI. All you need to do is to wear it by sticking it in your clothes via magnet and you can do a lot with it afterwards.

The device from Humane lets you take photos, send texts, and even project a visual interface into a palm. You can also control it with movements of your hands. With the AI pin you will be able to send messages to friends, ask questions and even set notes. The AI Pin will be available in the US this November 16 and it will start at $699. A hefty price but it’s one of the first wearable AI products that can change how we use our smart devices.

Check out how this device works in this video:

Unfortunately, no word if it’s getting out of the US.


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