Intel has launched the 5th Generation Intel Core processors along with the new Intel Atom processors and the Core M processors last week. Intel also showcased some devices that are equipped with the latest 5th generation Intel Core processors. Some of the interesting devices that I saw in the event are the ASUS Transformer Book Chi, Dell XPS 13, HP Stream 13 and of course, those Intel Atom powered devices by local brands.


So what are the advantages of having the latest generation of Intel Core processors? With the 5th generation Intel Core processors you could have a thinner design and better performance and of course, the tablet aren’t forgotten with the Core M processors. This processor is specifically made for ultra-thin devices like tablets and despite having a thin design and body, Intel Core M Processor is more powerful than Intel Atom processors but it is still more efficient than Intel Core I processors. Some of the notable devices that are using the Core M processors are the new Macbooks, ASUS Transformer Book Chi, and many more.


Intel also introduced the Intel Next Level of Computing (NUC) and the Intel Compute sticks. The Intel NUC features a customizable CPU on a small form factor and yes, it’s available in Intel Celeron up to Intel Core i7. While the Intel Compute Stick is an Intel Atom powered device is only at a size of a HDMI Dongle. You can plug the Intel Compute Stick anywhere and you could immediately make your monitor or TV into a Windows device as long as you have a wireless keyboard and mouse. Yeah, it’s like having a full PC inside your pocket. Amazing, right?


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