Smart recently introduced their newest data bundles for those people who loves to watch and make videos. If you’re a Smart subscriber, you’ll now be able to enjoy video data plans in where you can now watch Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Viewsteam, Skype Qik and Dubsmash on your smartphone for as low as 5 pesos.


Yeah, with that 5 pesos, you could now have 65MB of data for which is 15 minutes of standard definition video streaming on mobile phones valid for one day. This is a good opportunity of pocket video entertainment especially on lunch breaks or while commuting.


Check out their other subscription offerings

  • 160MB data / 35 minutes of video for Php25/day
  • 400MB data / 90 minutes of video for Php50/ 3 days
  • 1.2GB / 270 minutes of video for Php199/30days


Its good to know that this promo the dedicated for video junkies in mind, especially that the video industry in the Philippines is rapidly growing. Don’t worry about your load as its protected via a paywall service to notify that the subscription is fully consumed or already finished.


You can simply subscribe to all service via YOUTUBE5; YOUTUBE25; YOUTUBE50; or YOUTUBE199 to 9999. 



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