The rapid death of Nokia smartphones is the result of lack of support for Windows Phone. Some people even called Stephen Elop a trojan horse for leading Nokia to the ground.  After a few years of his leadership, Microsoft decided to buy the devices and services division of Nokia. The Nokia branded smartphones died recently after Microsoft decided to use Microsoft Lumia instead of Nokia Lumia in their smartphones. For now, Nokia is barred from making smartphones after their deal with Microsoft.

According to Re/Code, Nokia wants to enter the smartphone game again next year. Not only that, aside from joining the smartphone game again, they’re also interested in the virtual reality industry.

Nobody knows how Nokia will enter the smartphone market again after Microsoft bought the devices and services division of Nokia (Yeah, the engineers and employees are now on Microsoft). But it’s also possible that they might do the same thing with the Nokia N1 tablet, their first Android tablet. Which was licensed to another manufacturer to sell it under the Nokia name.  And it’s also possible that they’ll go Android instead of Windows since they’re not tied to Microsoft anymore.

Well, anything is possible and everything is not yet clear. I can’t wait for Nokia to make a comeback in the smartphone industry.

Source: Re/Code


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