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Smart unveils its iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Plans and it’s FREE on Plan 2000 and Plan 2500 respectively!

Smart Communications has recently unveiled the plans for the iPhones 6s and 6s Plus and yes, it’s arriving this November 6 and this year, the iPhone 6s will be available for Free at Plan 2000 while the iPhone 6s Plus will be available for free at Plan 2499! Not only that these smartphones would be free at those plans, they’ll also come with a data allocation which is more than enough for you guys. There’s 10GB for Plan 2000 and there’s 15GB for Plan 2499. And yes, these smartphones comes with an all-month surf which will give you access to different apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Viber, Messenger while you can use the data allocation for heavy usage such as upload and downloading videos.

Some of the new features that can be found on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are 3D touch which gives you more inputs for the touchscreen display, better rear and front camera, a faster A9 chip, and also live photo which gives you a Harry Potter-like moving photos.

So why you should get your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus at Smart? Because they’re offering not only the brand new iPhones but they also have some interesting promos that you would surely love!

  • Be one of the first to get the iPhone 6s Rose Gold 16GB from Smart via special Uber delivery on November 6 at exactly 12:01AM! How? All you need to do is to choose iPhone delivery option on the Uber app and to pay the iPhone in credit card. Not only that, they’ll also get some awesome surprises too!


  • When you purchase an iPhone 6s or 6s Plans from Smart, you’ll also have as much as 20% discount for a minimum purchase of P500 at Zalora!


  • For travellers, you would also enjoy P2,500 discount on your AirBnB booking with a minimum spend of P8,000 and yes, you can use this discount all over the world


  • For those who love to watch movies, Iflix is the app for you and with the new iPhones at Smart, you’ll get 1GB of data for streaming your favorite movies and TV shows on Iflix!


  • With Smart’s Share the Joy Gadget Giveaway, not only you get the spanking brand new iPhone but you also get a chance to win another gadget instantly when you sign up for a Smart Postpaid Plan or recontract at Smart stores nationwide!


  • If you’re excited about the new iPhones, you can upgrade with Smart’s Wipeout promo! You can now wipe out your existing contract and you can upgrade to the new iPhones and even enjoy discounts depending on the number of your remaining months in your contract

One of the gripes of most iPhone users is that they cannot purchase apps and games on iTunes, App store and Apple Music but worry no more! Because you can now purchase at those services without credit card with their Smart Pay-With-Mobile service by simply texting REG to 4949.

Exciting no? If you want to get your new iPhones on November 6, head over to but if you want more perks and more premium plans, you can get the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus at Smart Infinity via

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Jam Ancheta
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