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Pyxis Digital TV Receiver Review

Today, our country is going Digital when it comes to TV signal and for those people who didn’t know, we need to have a Digital TV signal receiver once TV networks shut off their analog broadcast. Digital is also way better than analog because it offers a better quality and a clearer broadcast. But of course, in the age of mobile, we always want to have everything on our smartphones or tablets including watching TV. So how will that be possible? With Pyxis Digital TV Receiver, you can now watch TV anytime as long as you have your device and the Pyxis Digital TV Receiver.


Before we talk about the Pyxis Digital TV receiver, lets talk about how the Pyxis Digital TV receiver works. First, you need an Android smartphone and the Pyxis Digital TV Receiver. You have to download the Siano app on the Play store then you need to open your WiFi on your smartphone and connect it to the Pyxis Digital TV Receiver then poof, you can now use the Siano TV app on the smartphone or tablet


The Pyxis Digital TV Receiver is a small device and it can really fit in your pocket. I was actually surprised that this device can receive a Digital TV signal and yes, it does have a built-in battery inside so you can bring this device anywhere.


The Pyxis Digital TV receiver is very easy to use and operate. All you need to do is to use the slider to turn it on and then you just need to connect your device to the Pyxis Digital Receiver and then open the Siano app. But of course, there’s must be a Digital TV Signal in your area to watch your favorite TV channels.


The app works on most Android and iOS devices too however in iOS, our country isn’t supported yet. Scanning the channels won’t take too much time and the user interface is very easy to use and understand. However, sometimes I notice that the app is buggy sometimes and it wouldn’t let me search for a channel at first use but don’t worry, a software update could fix that.


Regarding the reception, well guys, I’m glad to share with you guys that the Pyxis Digital TV Receiver performed well despite having a small design. Inside my condominium unit, which is a place where even a cellphone signal is scarce, I was surprised to get a Digital TV reception inside.


The battery life was pretty good too because I was able to get a battery life of 4 hours of watching on this one. Charging the device won’t be a hassle for you guys because this one can be even charged using a power bank.


The Pyxis Digital TV Receiver is a really nice device especially if you’re always on the go and you want to watch your favorite TV shows especially Eat Bulaga (Because we love AlDub, Duh!). You can now get the Pyxis Digital TV Receiver at Cherry Mobile stores and kiosks for P2,499.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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  1. is this only available at cherry mobile stores? can this work too if your cp is not a tv phone? or can this work also in analog tv in the province (or those tv sets in the province that are connected to any cable subscription?) is this the same thing where you can use the Siano apps? thanks for the attention

  2. I have one and it’s better than the android dongles to watch Digital TV(DTV). Cherry Mobile sells ithe units at an affordable price compared to the ones in PC stores. Wifi and siano TV apk are the mediums to connect the cellphone to the TV signal. The only problem is that some TV stations are not yet fully DTV ready and have low power broadcasts. Some areas in Metro manila gets poor signal beacause of this. If you work and live in QC, this is perfect as most stations are housed in QC. ABC CBN has the strongest coverage followed by TV 5 , GMA-7 and PTV-4. There are some home shopping stations and religious programs available already. Hopefully by 2018-2020(?) the law will require all stations to go full digital.


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