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Tronsmart accessories arrives in the Philippines

One of the biggest features added on new chipsets from most manufacturers is fast charging. This feature lets you charge your smartphone at a faster time compared to normal charger and recently, Cosmic technologies brought Tronsmart to our country.

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Tronsmart is a brand that offers different chargers and powerbanks for your smartphones and tablets. And what make Tronsmart’s chargers different from others is that they offer fast chargers and also Type-C cables which will be standard soon.


Actually, I’ve been using their 3-port fast charger for a while now and I’m really happy with how it performs. There’s a single fast-charging port for supported devices and then there are two ports that supports VoltIQ which detects the device’s needed power.

fast charger

Not only that, they’re also selling 5-port fast chargers with 2 port for fast charging and the rest with VoltIQ.


Tronsmart got a pretty good chargers and if you ask me what’s the difference of Tronsmart chargers between other chargers? Well, these chargers from Tronsmart can charge your devices faster and they really have a good quality.


Tronsmart accessories will be available soon on Cherry Mobile stores, kiosks and authorized resellers


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