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Vivo, OPPO, and Xiaomi teams up to bring new wireless file transfer system

Do you found Bluetooth really a hassle when transferring files due to the slow transferring? While Apple’s Airdrop is seamless when transferring files to other iOS and MacOS devices? Well, Vivo, OPPO, and Xiaomi have decided to align and partner to bring a new wireless file transfer system that can benefit the consumers around the world.

The three companies have formed an initiative of “Peer to peer transmission alliance” in where a new system will enable the smartphones of these three companies to have a seamless cross-brand file transfer in just one click.

This means that the smartphones of these three companies will be able to send WiFi P2P technology for data transfer and it can deliver average transfer speeds of 20MB/s. With this feature, it will be easier for Vivo, OPPO, and Xiaomi smartphones to transfer files to each other.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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