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Why I’m excited for the newest Night Portrait Master, the vivo V25 5G

The vivo V23 series smartphones was a huge success in the country as the smartphone features a really elegenta and premium design and also the unique PhotochromicPhotochronic back panel that features a color-changing phone design, which makes the smartphone series one of the unique ones in the market right now.

And now, vivo wants to continue their success in the flagship V-series lineup with the vivo V25  series. Just like before, the smartphone will focus on its design and this time, a better Pphotochromic 2.0 back panel and of course, a camera that can shoot whether it’s day or night which makes the vivo V25 the Night Portrait Master

Decent specs inside

One of the things that really matters on smartphones right now is storage. Games and apps are getting bigger and heavier on the storage of smartphones so it’s really a must-have for a smartphone like the vivo V25 to have a large storage inside especially with games like Genshin Impact are now taking over 15GB of space.

The vivo V25 5G also packs an 8GB+8GB extended RAM and also a large 256GB internal storage inside. While the 8GB RAM is more than enough, the additional 8GB Extended RAM which is getting from the main storage of the smartphone is really helpful especially if you’re opening a lot of apps simultaneously. And as for the processor, the vivo V25 comes with a 6nm Mediatek Dimensioty 900 5G processor, a very capable and decent one for most of the things that you need whether that’s apps or gaming.

As for the display, the vivo V25 5G also comes with a 6.44-inch 90Hz Ultra Vision Screen which gives you a smoother and better animation and also for gaming, you would experience a higher refresh rate so you can have the advantage. 

When you have a long day, that won’t be a problem as the smartphone comes with a large 4500mAh battery and in case you run out of juice, the vivo V25 can be charged with its 44W Fast Charger. In just 30 minutes, I can get more than half of the battery on the smartphone.

Overall, the specifications of the smartphone is very decent. The hardware inside it is very capable and you can run most of the games and apps that I need without a problem. The display size is also perfect for me as it balances the need for a large size and also for portability.

Amazing Camera

The cameras of the smartphone is one of the highlight of the vivo V25. First, the smartphone comes with 50MP Eye Autofocus selfie camera and it’s no ordinary selfie camera as the quality that we’re getting from the smartphone’s front-facing camera is just great. It’s definitely made for those people who wants to create content and to do vlogs on the smartphone. Not just that, you can also record videos on the front-facing camera of the smartphone at up to 4K at 30fps.

For the main camera of the smartphone, the vivo V25 comes with 64MP OIS Ultra-Sensing Camera, an 8MP Super Wide-Angle Camera, and a 2MP Super Macro Camera. They are really meant for shooting as the smartphone’s rear camera sports OIS that gives you a better shots at night and better bokehs as well. 


Check out these sample shots from the rear camera of the vivo V25:

For the selfie camera, the vivo V25 did really well:

Another cool feature built-in to the smartphone is Vlog movie in where you can create short clips with templates and sounds that you need. These are perfect for your stories and also for your reels on different social media platforms.

The smartphone also have different features including Natural Portrait which gives you a bokeh portraits that gives you a better portrait shots on the smartphone, Video HDR for better contrasts and dynamic range on your videos and vlogs, Bokeh Portrait Video which will give you a bokeh video and a focus on faces and objects, 50MP Eye AF selfie which will give you a better selfie videos and shots as it will focus on your eyes, AI HD Portrait which will give you a better processing on your shots thanks to AI, and of course, 4K videos on both selfie and rear cameras of the smartphone which can give you a higher resolution for a clearer and better quality on your videos.

The vivo V25 5G’s camera is probably the best thing about the smartphone and it does have a very big advantage versus other smartphones thanks to its powerful selfie camera that can shoot really good photos including night shots. The smartphone is also great for content creators and for those people who want to take vlogs thanks to the Vlog movie feature and of course, its powerful night camera which makes the smartphone a Night Portrait Master.

Sexy design

Vivo smartphones are known for its sexy and unique design and with the vivo V25 series, we’re getting some awesome features including the Photochromic 2.0 technology on this one and also a 2.5D thin and light body of the smartphone that makes the smartphone really light portable. The Photochromic 2.0 technology of the smartphone lets you have change colors on the smartphone if you expose it under the sun. With our vivo V25 5G unit, the Sunrise Gold color of the smartphone changes to orange and reddish hues. And if you want a different color, there’s the Diamond Black color as well.

The night portrait master, vivo V25 5G, also comes with a minimalist and premium design thanks to the Fluorite AG Glass that adds better feel and texture on the smartphone. The smartphone’s minimalist design also stands out as it gives a cooler and minimal vibe on the smartphone.

The unique Photochromic 2.0 technology of the smartphone makes it one of the sexiest smartphone in the market and this feature also gives the smartphone a unique take on colors.

Powerful processor inside

Inside the vivo V25 5G is a Dimensity 900 processor inside. It’s a very capable processor whether you want it to run different apps or games. The smartphone also comes with a Liquid Cooling System inside the smartphone. This feature helps in cooling down the smartphone and of course, helps in gaming as well. The audio system of the vivo V25 5G is immersive as well which will give you a better gaming experience on the smartphone.

You also have an advantage when it comes to FPS and MOBA games as this one comes with 5G inside. Not only that you can have a faster download speed on the smartphone but you can also have a better latency which will give you a faster response and less lags on games.

In our experience with the vivo V25 5G, the smartphone comes with Game Boost Mode which helps in optimizing the smartphone’s performance. I also like that I was able to see and use the features that I need for gaming including rejecting notifications, recording display, and even boosting with just a swipe to open the Game sidebar.

Playing games on the smartphone was a breeze as well. The Dimensity 900 was powerful enough to run games like APEX Legends Mobile and PUBG Mobile which are already demanding and of course, Genshin Impact which is probably the most demanding smartphone game right now.


The vivo V25 5G comes with a lot of features that consumers would surely love. There’s the eye-catching design, a powerhouse performance and of course, there’s the camera that’s awesome which is perfect for vloggers and for night photography. 

The vivo V25 5G comes in the following variants and pricing:

  • vivo V25e – Php17,999
  • vivo V25 5G – Php23,999
  • vivo V25 Pro – Php29,999

Both the vivo V25e and vivo V25 are now available on both online and offline stores while the vivo V25 Pro is now available online and it will be available this October 8, 2022 on offline stores. You can purchase these smartphones on Home Credit at up to 18 months and up to 24 months on Credit Card. For the vivo V25 5G, you can get a free SIM card, Clock Speaker, and Bluetooth Neck Band until supplies last. 

If you want to purchase it online, you can get it at the following stores:

If you’re the type of person who loves to create content and for those people who wants a stylish smartphone then you might want to take a look at the vivo V25 5G as this one features a powerful camera on both rear and selfie cameras and of course, it features the Photochromic 2.0 Back Panel that changes colors whenever you expose it to sun which is really cool.

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Jam Ancheta
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