Grand Theft Auto V is still one of the most popular games right now on Steam despite being out in the market for a while now. This an open-world sandbox game and it has been one of the most successful game franchises in the world not just because of the single-player gameplay of GTA V but also because of Grand Theft Auto Online.

With GTA Online, you’ll be able to play with your friends and others and of course, you can roam Los Santos whenever you wanted to and even complete missions with them. Since this is an open-world game, you can also buy properties and also cars, boats, and helicopters in the game.

GTA V is now available on Steam for Php999 but for a limited time only, you can get Grand Theft Auto V at Epic Games Store for free. All you need to is to download the epic games store application for your PC, register an account and just go to Grand Theft Auto V and grab one. I suggest that you get a copy of this one immediately.

Grand Theft Auto V will be available for free this 11 PM after the game has been unlocked. As of this posting, Death Coming is currently available for free on the Epic Games Store.

Source: Inverse


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