Here we go again boys and girls! The Playstation 5 Pre-Order will be up again tomorrow and you can get a chance to get one of the few units of Playstation 5 in the country! Just like the first pre-order, we will only have 5 minutes to get a chance of grabbing one. With the first wave of PS5 in the country, a lot of have been disappointed as the units have gone out in just a few seconds.

The Playstation 5 will still come in digital and disc version and both of them will still have the same SRP of Php23,990 and Php27,990 respectively and unfortunately, we will still have a limited quantities of units that will be sold here in the country.

Different retailers have already announced their mechanics for the pre-order including Game Extreme, Datablitz, Game One, SM Appliances Center, & Game One




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