The vivo Y35 is one of the newest smartphones from vivo to arrive last year and it’s made for those people who want a smartphone that they can use everyday whether that’s for work or for some casual gaming when you’re on a break. And today, we’re gonna do a review of this smartphone.

Design and hardware

The vivo Y35 that we got for review comes in Dawn Gold and it’s different from the vivo V25 as the color of this doesn’t change when it’s under direct sunlight but the color and material on the smartphone still look and feel good.

At the back, it might look similar to the vivo V25 but it does have a little bit different camera module. Yes, it does have a rectangle camera module at the back and it does house the same camera layout but it does have a different camera setup and it only says 50MP camera at the back.

The smartphone also comes with a flat frame which is made of plastic. The smartphone’s side also houses the volume rocker and the power button which is nicely placed on the side and below, we can see the USB-C port, speaker grill, and also the headphone jack of the smartphone. 

Inside the smartphone is a 5000mAh battery and the battery life of the smartphone is just excellent as we got here a long battery life. In PC Mark Work 2.0 battery test, we got a score of:

One of the highlights of the smartphone is the 44W Fast Charger and yes, it does charge the smartphone really fast and it sometimes, I don’t even worry anymore whenever I forget the charge the smartphone before I go to sleep as I can charge the vivo Y35 in just a few minutes and it will last for a few more hours. 


For the display, the smartphone comes with a 6.58-inch Full HD+ IPS Display with a 90Hz refresh rate. It’s not the most ideal smartphone display that we have on the market but it does the job and at least, it comes with a 90Hz refresh rate on the smartphone. 

As expected, the display of the smartphone is just fine if you’re into casual browsing on websites and of course for viewing images and videos. It’s not stellar but it’s not bad either. It doesn’t have the same colors as the AMOLED display but again, it will do just fine for basic tasks. There’s a notch at the top as well and if you plan on playing games, well, just don’t expect on high refresh rate on this smartphone.

Software and performance

When it comes to performance, the vivo Y35 comes with a Snapdragon 680 4G chipset inside. It’s an entry-level chipset and it will do most of the stuff that you need on the smartphone. Yes, you can run multiple basic apps without a hitch but don’t expect pretty fast performance on this one. But hey, at least the smartphone got an impressive battery life thanks to its chipset. 

There’s a decent amount of storage as well inside as we got here a 256GB internal storage and as for the RAM, it comes with an 8GB of RAM that can expand even more up to 16GB with the Extended RAM feature, and honestly, it’s not that of a big deal for me.

When it comes to benchmarks, here are the scores that we got on the smartphone:

Basically, the smartphone can run most apps and even games as the Snapdragon 680 4G is very optimized for most apps and games in the market right now. But of course, set the graphics settings at the lowest settings with these smartphones.


The camera of the smartphone isn’t as good as the vivo V25 but it does have a 50MP main camera along with two 2MP rear cameras. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a dedicated ultrawide camera at the back.

Check out some of the shots that we took using the smartphone:

As for the camera quality, again, it’s not the same as the vivo V25 series smartphones. It isn’t stellar and it will work just fine on normal lighting conditions however on lowlight conditions, you would see a little bit of noise in the shots. Overall, the vivo Y35 will do just fine for typical needs for cameras including posting on social media.


The vivo Y35 isn’t the best one out there in the market when it comes to hardware but it does the job done and it does come with a stylish design. For those people who are always on the go, you would appreciate the fast charging tech of the smartphone and of course, the processor that is optimized on most apps and games on the market. It might not be the fastest but again, it does work for your everyday needs.

The vivo Y35 is now available in the Philippines


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