We’ve been using the Xiaomi 11T Pro for a while now and it’s one of my favorite flagship smartphones this year when it comes to price-performance ratio as the smartphone performs pretty well for a flagship smartphone and the price is insanely good for its hardware inside. Curious? Check out our review of the smartphone below:

A generic but fine design

The design and materials of the smartphone is probably one of the reasons why the smartphone is affordable compared to other smartphones in the market right now. According to Xiaomi, the smartphone comes with a metal body inside for the frame but outside, the smartphone is made up of plastic.

Having a plastic build doesn’t mean that it doesn’t look premium as this comes with a brushed metal look at the back with a glossy look and feel. The quality that we’re getting on the smartphone is surprisingly good as it doesn’t feel cheap and despite the material being used, the Xiaomi 11T Pro still feels like a flagship smartphone and it might be a downer for some but I still feel that the 11T Pro is still premium.

There’s a fingerprint scanner on the smartphone and unlike most flagship smartphones, the Xiaomi 11T pro opted for a side-fingerprint scanner which is fast enough and more ergonomic for me and yes, the smartphone is ergonomic to hold thanks to the curved sides but you would probably use the included jelly case on the smartphone for a better grip on the Xiaomi 11T Pro.

For the ports, there’s the USB-C that supports a whooping 120W charging which is the fastest that we’ve ever reviewed. I’ve been enjoying the ultra-fast charging of the smartphone for a while now and it decimates every smartphone that we’ve ever reviewed when it comes to charging. As for the speakers, the smartphone was pretty good too and it’s using the Harman/Kardon too if you’re a fan of the brand.

Smooth display

The Xiaomi 11T Pro comes with a 6.67-inch Full HD+ AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate so gaming on the smartphone was smooth and even when navigating on menu and browsing on different apps and games. The display of the smartphone is bright and it’s very decent even for outdoor usage and it’s great for almost all functions whether you want it for watching movies or YouTube. As for me, I’ve been the smartphone for gaming as it was smooth and also the colors are vivid and bright which is a plus for me.

A long and decent battery life

For the battery life of the Xiaomi 11T Pro, the smartphone comes with a 5000mAh battery which is big enough for me for its size, as for the benchmark of the battery of the smartphone, we were able to get 12 hours and 54 minutes on Xiaomi 11T Pro which is long enough especially for a flagship smartphone with Snapdragon 888 processor inside. In real life usage, I was able to use the smartphone for a single work day with some casual gaming but for some people who are into light usage, the smartphone can last up to a day and a half of use.

A smooth MIUI

Over the years, Xiaomi has improved their MIUI and with the MIUI 12 running on the Xiaomi 11T Pro, it’s a smooth sailing than ever as the apps load faster and the response was good. I do love the fast and swift response of the MIUI and the UI of the smartphone but of course, there are a lot of apps that might not be useful to you.

Powerful performance!

Inside the smartphone is a Snapdragon 888 5G which is powerful for any tasks and games that you need on the smartphone. Paired with that processor is an 8GB of RAM and a 256GB of internal storage. For the performance, the processor did really fine with every benchmark that we’ve run on the smartphone. Check out the benchmarks that I used and their results:

I’ve noticed that there were some drops in performance and in Antutu, the smartphone wasn’t able to give its full potential maybe because of throttling but nonetheless, the processor of the smartphone is more than enough for gaming today.

When it comes to gaming, the Xiaomi 11T Pro is a capable smartphone on all games as we were able to play League of Legends: Wild Rift without problems and also Genshin Impact at the highest settings possible at 60fps but of course, the smartphone gets warm as well after a few minutes of playing which is common on Snapdragon 888 smartphones. There are some dips in the frames as well when the smartphone gets really hot which means that the processor is really throttling. I also suggest removing the case of the smartphone when playing to have a better cooling and thermals.

A fine camera

The Xiaomi 11T Pro comes with a 108MP main camera along with 8MP ultrawide camera and also a 5MP telephoto camera. Well, it’s not a surprise that the Xiaomi 11T Pro did a pretty good job when it comes to the camera. The main camera did fare pretty well as the shots that we got are sharp and the details that I got on the smartphone are good but it’s definitely not the best that we’ve seen. Check out the shots that we took using the smartphone.

With the main camera, I’ve noticed that the smartphone produced really good colors in our shots and they were sharp enough for a flagship smartphone along with the ultra wide angle lens. It’s definitely not the best one but the Xiaomi 11T Pro does the job done.


The Xiaomi 11T Pro is a very good flagship smartphone for its price. First, the smartphone starts at Php27,990 and inside there’s the powerful Snapdragon 888 processor along with 8GB RAM. As for the design, it isn’t the best materials but it feels premium and the camera? It was fine. However, the smartphone does throttle when I play for a longer time on the smartphone.

Nonetheless, the smartphone got some pretty good power inside for its price and yes, the pricing of the smartphone is really excellent.


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