3 new nVidia GeForce M GPUs were sighted at the nVidia’s website but was later removed. The 3 new M GPUs were name as GeForce GT 130M, G110M und G105M.

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Article from notebookcheck.net

Nvidia GeForce GT 130M

The GeForce GT 130M is therefore the successor of the 9600M GT / 9650M GT graphics adapter and also features 32 shader cores. Furthermore PureVideo HD support is included.

Nvidia GeForce G110M

The GeForce G 110M features 16 shader cores as the old 8400M GT or the 9500M G. Therefore it should perform better than the 8 core 9300M GS. Nvidia also states a better performance on the webpage (5x versus 4x).

Nvidia GeForce G105M

The GeForce G 105M is compareable with the “old” GeForce 9300M GS as it also features 8 shader cores and is classified in the same performance region.


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