We all know that summer brings extra humidity, resulting in muggy indoor air. If it bothers you, consider getting the Cherry Humidifier Pro.

Here are the top five benefits of the Cherry Humidifier Pro:

It comes with a large size

When talking about dehumidifiers, size pertains to moisture removal capacity. And yes, size matters. Good thing the Cherry Dehumidifier Pro removes up to 12L of excess moisture per day. To make this possible, the device sports a 2L large water tank capacity.

It offers a wide area of coverage

The Cherry Dehumidifier Pro also covers a 20sqm room. Through this, it helps maintain your home as it regulates the growth of molds, mildew, and anything caused by damp air.

It is energy-efficient

Cherry equipped its Dehumidifier Pro with an energy-saving feature, allowing users to enjoy its benefits without worrying about their electric bills.

It doesn’t produce a loud noise

The Cherry Dehumidifier Pro doesn’t deliver an annoying buzzing sound, unlike other dehumidifiers. With this, consumers can use it during nighttime without waking up the entire household.

It sports an intelligent Dehumidifying technology

The new Cherry Dehumidifier Pro also detects the humidity level of a room. This lets the device intelligently decide to turn off once it reaches the ideal level.


Avoid allergies and other health-related problems with the Cherry Humidifier Pro. You can now get it for only Php7,500.


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