Last night, I was invited to the Samsung Smart TV Bloggers conference at Seventh High at Fort Bonifacio and I got a chance to meet with some bloggers and of course I got to play with the Samsung Smart TV with the Samsung Galaxy Tab as the remote. Oh and I want to thank Kessa and Adrian, you guys are the best!

I can’t upload the pictures yet because I don’t have the USB port for my camera but thank God, we have press shots. I just upload those photos on my next posts. Anyway here are some of things that I like & dislike about the Samsung Smart TV:

1. The Samsung Smart TV is really smart. It has a feature called the Smart Hub where you can access your apps and a lotta more. And yes, Samsung Apps is present on this one. There a few apps and games on the store and they target 1000 apps this year for the Smart TVs.

2. Social networking sites on your TV. You can check out your Facebook and twitter account on it while watching the TV. Pretty cool.

3. The remote app for the Smart TV is available on the Android OS and the iOS. As I told you earlier, I used the Samsung Galaxy Tab as the remote. Well, you can also use your iPhone or Galaxy S as the remote for your Samsung Smart TV. Unfortunately, when you tried the Smart TV remote app, it took ages to navigate. I don’t know why it responds so slow.

4. The web browser supports youtube and HTML 5 but the web browser is waaaaaay to slow. It took us almost a century before Kessa’s Blog load. My blog loads fine and but navigating to it is really hard. it doesn’t have a trackball, mouse pad or anything. You’ll just rely on the 4-way button.

5. Skype is downloadable on the Samsung Apps. Too bad, you need to buy the webcam, mic & others which costs P6990.00 (I heard!). But it is nice to use skype on a Full HD screen. You can even adjust the screen of the one you’re talking with and the quality of the webcam looks well.

6. 3D looks awesome. Too bad you’ll need to use 3D glasses in order to view those 3D videos and images. But there is a 2D to 3D feature which converts those 2D videos to 3D. Cool huh?!

Well, those are just some of my first impressions the Samsung Smart TV. I’ll tell more about it on my next posts. Yes, there will be a lot of posts about the Samsung Smart TV. oh Btw, AFAIK the SRP is P199,990.00

Rating: 10/10

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