Arm has just unveiled their next generation 5th Gen GPU architecture that is made for mobile devices and smartphones. This is the follow up to last year’s Immortalis-G715 GPU that is with the Dimensity 9200 chipset from MediaTek.

Picture Chris Bergey Arm SVP and GM of Client LoB Immortalis G
Picture Chris Bergey Arm SVP and GM of Client LoB Immortalis G

Arm’s 5th generation GPU architecture is designed to be the most efficient GPU architecture that Arm has ever created as the new architecture will bring a smoother and better graphics and gameplay to mobile devices and to bring console-like and PC experiences to mobile devices.

They’ve also introduced Deferred Vertex Shading or (DVS) as a new graphics feature for the 5th Gen GPU architecture that enables their partners to scale for larger core counts and higher performance points.

The Immortalis-G720 GPU from ARM is the newest GPU for smartphones and mobile devices as it brings 15% better performance and efficiency improvements over the previous generation. It also improves 40% in system-level efficiency which leads to higher graphics quality and more immersive visual experience.

Aside from that, they’ve also unveiled the Arm Mali-G720 and Mali-G620 GPU for a more affordable choice for a wider market for consumers.


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