Blackberry Z10 and the Blackberry Q10

After the long wait, the Blackberry Z10 and the Blackberry Q10 has finally been unveiled. I got the chance to attend the launch party here in the Philippines at Makati but I didn’t stayed there until the end of the livestream. Blackberry announced 2 devices at the launch of the Blackberry 10 OS. They unveiled the Blackberry Z10 which is a full touch device and the Blackberry Q10 which is a QWERTY Device with a square touch-screen which is kinda unorthodox. Want to know more about the devices? Check it out after the break.

Blackberry was known for having devices with a nice QWERTY keyboard. I thought they’ll ditch it in favor of on-screen keyboard. Instead, they included both the QWERTY and the touch screen on the Blackberry Q10. Nice move Blackberry. Some people still want to have a physical QWERTY on their devices especially on devices like Blackberry which are made for messaging.

The Blackberry Q10 is the device for the people who still want a physical keyboard on their device. It has a touchscreen 3.1-inch 720×720 display which is very odd. There’s the Bold-inspired physical keyboard. It has a dual-core Krait chipset. They should’ve made it a quad-core. It has a steel frame and edge-to-edge glass on the front.

The Blackberry Z10 is their newest flagship phone. It has a 4.2-inch 1280×768 display. Not bad at all. There’s a 8-megapixel camera which is enough for your multimedia needs. There’s the microSD SD slot and 16 GB Storage just like the Q10. And yeah. The Q10 and the Z10 are pretty much similar in terms of specs

The question still remains for Blackberry. Can it bring back Blackberry back to its former glory?

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