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BREAKING: Nokia restrict sales of Lumias in the Philippines

UPDATE: Check it out after the break

Nokia has just been named as the top vendor of Windows Phone products thanks to the sexy Lumia 800 and the affordable Lumia 710. Nokia Lumia phones hasn’t been launch yet in the Philippines but some online stores like Widget City sells Lumia phones at a reasonable price but unfortunately they were restricted to sell it here in the country until the Philippine launch which will be on April. We don’t know the real reason why and we’re still reaching Nokia Philippines regarding this matter

UPDATE: Here are the screencaps of Widget City’s post regarding the Lumia sales:

UPDATE 2: Widget City’s official statement (Widget City is one of the online stores that sells Nokia Lumia 800)

UPDATE 3: I’ve talked to Nikka, the Corporate Communications Manager of the Nokia Philippines and she said that NO ONE from the Nokia Philippines told the online store to stop selling the Lumias.

Anyway, I guess we just have to wait for the launching of the Nokia Lumia phones in the Philippines on April.

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