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Cherry Mobile Candy and Candy Chat Specs and Price in the Philippines — Android for the masses

Last 11-11-11, Cherry Mobile also announced their newest Android phones in their lineup. Yes, there are a lot of Android devices including tablets that was introduced last friday. The two phones that got my attention is the Cherry Mobile Candy and Candy chat. Why?, because they use Android OS but they still manage to have a price lower than P5,000. Interesting right?. Obviously, this phone targets the youth who wants to have a smartphone OS. Even though the CM candy phones have a 416 mhz processor, I felt that this phone is still swift compared to Cherry Mobile Orbit that I reviewed a month ago. Oh and did you know that I played Angry Birds on the Candy Chat?, Yep it can handle that one. Anyway, if you’re planning to buy a Cherry Mobile phone, I suggest that you pick these two. Why?, because Android has a lot to offer. I assure you that you’ll love Android.

Cherry Mobile Candy and Candy Chat Specifications

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Jam Ancheta
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