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Cherry Mobile Desire R7 Plus Review


One of the basic Cherry Mobile smartphones that we loved is the Cherry Mobile Desire R7 Plus. It’s a simple smartphone that caters to the needs of every Filipinos who are on the budget. So today, we’ll review this affordable Android smartphone from Cherry Mobile

Design and Hardware

The design and looks of the smartphone are very basic but it’s not that bad as it brings a clean and neat look to the smartphone. It’s made up of plastic which is why the smartphone doesn’t feel premium when you hold it but from afar, you may mistake it for a metal.

I had no issues with its build despite having a plastic construction as it doesn’t have squeaks and also some flexes. The unibody plastic of the smartphone just works. The curved back also helps the smartphone to be held comfortably.

The smartphone also features a fingerprint scanner at the back and I wouldn’t really complain about it. It’s not the fastest fingerprint scanner that I’ve tried on the smartphone but it just works on the Cherry Mobile Desire R7 Plus.

It doesn’t have a large display, just a decent 5.5-inch display with 16:9 display aspect ratio. It’s also in HD which is just fine as this one is an affordable smartphone. The display has a great viewing angle and I actually like the color reproduction of the display compared to most Cherry Mobile smartphones.

Software and Performance

The Cherry Mobile Desire R7 Plus features a MediaTek MT6737 Quad-Core Processor with 3GB RAM. The hardware inside it is not the most ideal when it comes to heavy gaming however, you’ll have a problem with this one.

The Cherry Mobile Desire R7 Plus will do just fine if you’re just into some casual gaming and light apps but if you plan to play games such as NBA 2k18 and Asphalt 8 at a heavier setting, then that would be a problem.

Battery Life

For light and casual use, the Cherry Mobile Desire R7 Plus won’t really be a problem. If you’re a light and moderate user then the Cherry Mobile Desire R7 Plus can last a workday of use however if you’re a gamer then this smartphone wouldn’t probably last half a day  and you would probably ask for a power bank or charger


The camera of the smartphone isn’t perfect. It’s not the best one even in its price range but in my use, sometimes I was happy about it but sometimes not. I took it for a spin and the rear camera can do fine sometimes at decent lighting conditions however sometimes, I noticed that they’re a little bit overexposed. However at lowlight conditions, you would notice that the smartphone takes darker photos but hey, I was quite happy that it still exceeded my expectations at a low light shot. Check out the shots that I took using the Cherry Mobile Desire R7 Plus




The Cherry Mobile Desire R7 Plus is a decent budget smartphone from the company. It doesn’t have a really shocking feature or hardware but it does the job as an Android smartphone. The display is good and I like its build quality, however, I’m not a big fan of its camera. Overall, I still liked the smartphone despite its misses. It does a good job at its price range.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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