Notebooks are popular this days especially the netbooks which cost cheaper than the notebooks. But did you ever wonder what the “E” & “P” are doing in your processor’s model?. Well, Here it is

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E – >= 55 Watt (Desktop PCs)
T – 30-39 Watt (Standard laptop CPUs)
P – max 25 Watt
L – 12-19 Watt (Low Voltage)
U – <11.9 Watt (Ultra Low Voltage or ULW)

When it comes to notebook processors, the most common processor that we see is the T series. ULV processors are present in some tablets like Dell XT2 which supports multitouc. ULV processors is very power effiecient that’s why it is common in tablets. The P series processors are seen in the macbooks and some laptops. Dell Studio XPS 13 also uses the P series.

The E series might be common to you, Because the E series are used in the desktops. Core duo, Core 2 Duo & Dual core uses this series. While the Q series are used in the quad core processors. And i7 will be for i7 lol.



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