Remember the days when the internet was not yet discovered?, when cellphones do not have camera yet?. Those were the days when fax was widely used around the world. But we are in the future and you can check out the history of faxes to know what we use during the past. Fax was already used even in the 19th century, yes the World War II haven’t started yet during that time.

At the present you can now use Online Fax, now what is online fax?. Online fax a.k.a. internet fax & e-fax is the utilization of an online fax service provider to convert a fax transmission that can be received via e-mail. Cool huh?.

Paper jams?, system errors? or even busy signals?. Worry no more because online fax from Fax87 will help you send your fax online to your email by just using your smartphone or even online control panel. Very easy huh?, If I were you I would visit Fax87 site and discover what can online fax can do for us and for your business.

It is very helpful for those businesses whether it is small or big to use fax. So what are you waiting for? check it out now!


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