You see that picture?, Did apple just update the white macbook? O_O. Yep, they QUIETLY update white macbook and its specifications is similar with the aluminum macbook. They just equipped the white macbook with GeForce 9400m, 2 gigs of ram which is DDR2, 2.0 ghz processor (I’m not sure if it is also P8400) but the hard disk remains at 120 GB.

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Too bad, the online store philippines haven’t update their white macbook’s specification. I think they will just update it by a few days. BTW, even though the specifications have change the price didn’t go up nor it didn’t go down. And I notice that instead that it will be shipped in 24 hours they changed it to 4-6 business days, maybe they will still reconfigured it.

A lot of people were disappointed of the aluminum macbook because of its glossy screen and its expensive price. And there is no option for the glossy screen but the 17″ inch macbook pro has. Nice move apple, many people hate glossy screens



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