Yesterday, I’ve posted about the update for polycarbonate macbook. And now, apple just updated the specifications here in the philippines. And STILL, it has the same price. And I’ve notice something about battery life…

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The specifications of the new macbook white is still the same with the specifications in US. The new processor which is Core 2 Duo 2.0 ghz, 120GB HDD, DDR2 2GB ram & GeForce 9400m. The price haven’t change a bit too.

But I notice something a while ago. I notice the battery life of the white macbook is shorter than the aluminum macbook. The battery life of the white macbook only lasts up to 4.5 hours of wireless productivity maybe its because of the new video card installed to it which is GeForce 9400m . While the aluminum macbook lasts up to 5 hours of wireless productivity. Anyway, 4.5 hours of wireless productivity is still not bad

So, what would you choose?. The aluminum macbook with 5 hours of wireless productivity? or a White macbook with 4.5 hours of wireless productivity?. And hey, white macbooks has mini DVI instead of the mini display port & it has a FIREWIRE which people hate about the aluminum macbook since most macbook users uses the firewire.


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