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DTC Mobile EGO Review: The dual-sim QWERTY w/ Mobile TV

Another affordable phone from DTC Mobile that features a QWERTY keyboard and a mobile TV is the DTC Mobile EGO. It features a larger display than the unit we previously reviewed, DTC Mobile GTV1 Stark. So what’s up with the Ego? Well some of the features that I really like about this phone is that there’s interchangeable keyboard covers and I think you can use spray paint on those keyboard covers to change the color of the covers yourselves. Anyway, this phone isn’t powered by Android but it packs a proprietary OS that is very similar to the DTC Mobile GTV1 Stark. Click on the link below to check out my short review of the phone.

The keyboard cover could easily be removed.
The large and comfortable QWERTY keyboard

As expected, the phone would have a body made up of plastic. The phone is very affordable so don’t expect an aluminum body or whatsoever. I love the QWERTY keys of the phone, it’s very comfortable to type on. The feel and experience is kinda similar to the Blackberry Curve. I love typing on this phone. (Well you could type on this phone soon when you won the raffle!). The phone is comfortable to hold too. People who loves to text gonna love this phone for sure.

At the front you can see the larger 2.2″ screen which has a small resolution. But at least this one has a bigger screen than the DTC Mobile GTV1 Stark. The keys are big and like I said, it is easier to type on this phone than any other phones that I’ve tried. The keys are comparable to Blackberry curve phones. 

The Back cover
At the back, there’s the much better 1.3 Megapixel camera and the speaker grill. I like the glossiness back of the phone but it attracts a lot of fingerprints and smudge and I hate it so much. When you open the back cover, you can find the large 1500mAh battery, which is quite large for a phone like this. Because of the large capacity of the battery, the phone can last up to a lot of days. And of course, there’s the dual sim slot inside along with the MicroSD card slot which is up to 4GB. 


Dual Sim and MicroSD card slot

The proprietary OS is very similar to the DTC mobile GTV1 Spark but some of the transitions were gone. I don’t think those transitions will affect your experience on the phone. Anyway, it has a Mobile TV feature too but in my place, it’s very hard to get a TV signal around here. 

Ohh that’s the antenna
There are some games and Java apps and games will work on this phone. There’s Sudoku, Opera mini and some more apps that you can use. The Facebook and Yahoo messenger app on the phone will just lead you to their mobile website. 

Micro-USB and 3.5mm audio jack

If you want to get a DTC Mobile Ego right now, check out their nearest kiosk. It’s now available for P1,899.00. That’s very affordable, I think. So what are you waiting for? Get one now! 

Watch out! We’ll be raffling this phone soon!

Disclaimer: DTC Mobile Philippines gave us this phone for review and raffle.

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